The Nemesis

In an effort to catch up with my extremely cluttered message box, I shall be answering most anonymous questions in bulk. If this is problematic for any of you, so be it.

  1. We are all on rationed energon at the moment. If I find that he is taking more than his share, he shall be denied his rations for the next few cycles.
  2. I myself am on rations as well, although my frame requires a bit more than the average mech to function properly. 4 cubes usually last me through one Earth week, unless a particularly exhausting battle occurs. 
  3. … No, I have never been to any place called “Didny Worl”. Why do you ask?
  4. Either the term is translating incorrectly, or you are insinuating that I am “cute”. Regardless, your use of the term varies quite extremely from its usual meaning.
  5. The Vehicons are clones based off of a standard soldier model. The caste system no longer has any value, but I suppose they would technically be considered of a low ranking warrior class. 

I must consider upgrading their model…